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About the Founder

Noelle’s friends have described her as a “gentle fire.” She is passionate and powerful but this comes out as a calm and compassionate confidence that God is able to heal everyone, no matter how traumatic or complex their history. She brings this confidence and passion to her work with clients in the Change Your $tory workshops. The material is the result of her prayer for God to teach her 100% complete financial surrender and its power comes from the Holy Spirit’s answer to that prayer over the course of more than 15 years. The concepts that took her more than a decade to learn are brought to you in various easily digestible formats via books, webinars, workbooks, online communities, and live workshops. There is something for everyone.


Noelle is a Vanderbilt trained therapist and spends her time in her favorite job as a wife and mother and developing content to support clients on the journey of changing their $tories. She is a dedicated introvert and spends her free time buried in books, eating too much sugar on a semi-regular basis, and regularly forgetting to return phone calls.