In the Live Workshops

Learn to…


To take money out of the secular realm and connect it fully to Spirituality – an infinite resource with an all powerful backer advising you.


Discover faulty beliefs that hold back almost 96% of the population and keep them from their dreams.


Learn concepts in an experiential format that sticks; you won’t sit around trying to soak up endless information.


Connect with people who understand your struggles completely.


Learn how to give from a heart-driven, powerful place rather than from guilt or being manipulated.


Lose your connection to shame and develop a total lack of fear.


Get the opportunity to give to others in a way that grows exponentially.


Set a foundation for being able to dream without chains of fear and shame.


Hear directly from God, and realize he has amazing plans for your financial life.


In a nutshell, you will
Change Your $tory!


In the Live Workshops

Learn to…


 Identify faulty beliefs around
money and erase their
power over you.


Identify blocks to hearing directly
from God and remove them.


Learn not to give
from guilt.


Obtain boundaries so you are
never manipulated into giving
when it doesn’t feel right.


Identify what you are passionate
about and pick investments
in line with God’s
calling on your life.


Set Biblical foundation
for beliefs about money –
(guaranteed to surprise you).


Address and clear shame
in regard to finances.


Practice listening
to God.


Leave the workshop
with peace.


Obtain ongoing coaching
to solidify learning
and implement new tools.


What if I canʼt make it to the locations where the Change Your $tory workshops are held?

Good news! You have several options. There are webinars, online communities, e-books, and workbooks that you can access and use from wherever you are. If you would like to experience the live workshop, we can also come to you. Contact us at to get information about bringing Change Your $tory to your church or organization.

Iʼve been to so many financial seminars and nothing has made a long term difference. Why should I come to this?

Good question and unfortunately a very common one. This seminar is NOT another seminar about what you should be doing with your finances. You will gain some practical tools and information, but the focus is on clearing the emotional and Spiritual baggage that has kept you from following through in the past. If you have tried before without success you are actually the perfect candidate for this workshop. It tells us that you have a passion and interest in this topic and just need to clear some obstacles in order to be able to follow through!

Is Child Care Provided?

When churches or organizations host the workshop, some of them will choose to make childcare available.
Contact the leadership team at the location where you are registered to see if childcare is an option.


Some Speaking Topics

1 /  The Lie You’ve Been Told About Debt and
        the 5 Simple Steps that Will Get You Out
        and Keep You Out of Debt Forever

2 /  Changing Your Paradigm: Why Financial
        Planning Has Not Worked for You

3 /  The Surprising Obstacle that Keeps You
        from Financial Abundance

4 /  Three Massive Mistakes Even Smart Christians
       Make that Keep Them Anxious About Finances

5 /  And More

Noelle Schwantes is available for speaking engagements throughout the year. You can contact Change Your $tory for information about pricing and availability depending on your needs. The following are a few of the topics available and can be adjusted according to the needs of your community.

Email –